Pretty words...

“Excellent food, great service and location. ”

Great prices, we had lunch here and I was surprised by how fast the service was. Highly recommend any of the pancakes they offer!


“Lunch at Agde”

Agde with its Sunday best on, puppets, a brass band and a great Breton lunch. The Ar-man pancake was scrumptious, filled with duck breast and pear. Do visit La Ribote at Rue de l'Amour very pleasant service, a goute of Brittany in south of France..



Best crêperie ever. Must visit for lunch or dinner. Will be going back again this week. Pudding is yummy if a little sweet!


“Open Monday Evenings”

We don't really go to the South of France to eat Breton pancakes, but Monday evenings one is often pushed to find something open. So our friends had recommended this place and we gave it a try. Well it was different (drinking cider out of cups), and there was plenty of choice and the food was all right. One of their specialities is a Breton dessert, le Kouign Aman, which we'd not heard of before. OK. They are very geared up to English-speaking tourists and I had to fight the waitress for a long time, her speaking English and me replying in French, before she finally threw in the towel.


“A wonderfull restaurant”

The crepes were wonderfull and very good! Very good service! good ambiance! Must try the cidre brut! Worth the drive until Agde! I recommende!


“Excellent creperie”

End of August we came diner just before the last light show at the bridge near there. We were surprised we didn't have to make a reservation. They have menu in English. It's the right place to make a full 3 course menu all with crepes. A Bol of cider and a very reasonable tab. Good service.