Open every day from 3 june to 21 september

Reservation is possible 

For lunch from 12h to 13h30 

For diner from 19h to 21h 

New's one for summer 2023

 La Saint Patern : pancake with stawberries and rapsberries, lemon curd ice cream and whipped cream ...... 9,00€

L'Ar'Vechal: cocktail with stawberry liquor, muscat from Frontignan and dry cider........ 8,50€

Les Bzh Kfé or  Bzh Ti : iced coffee or iced Earl Grey tea with salted butter caramel syrop.... 4,80€

La Frankiz: salted butter caramel, cider sorbet  flamed (or not )with apple liqueur from Brittany....... 9€

Le Korrigan : cocktail with spritz, rapsberry liqueur, dry cider, fresh mint leaves......... 8,50€

La Kerpenhir : pancake with rapsberries, honey and pinenuts ice-cream, chantilly ........ 8,50€

Le Aod Kornog : cocktail with cider, fresh lemon liqueur from Sorrento and elderberry syrup ....... 8,50€



English menu
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